10 x original teambuilding activities at Beachclub Indigo

You want to organise a company outing and you want it to be mega, so we have made a top 10 company outings. After all, you and your team have earned that, especially after last year. At Indigo, we have a gigantic list of great activities that we can organise - so we have made a list of them.

We give you a number of options for a BBQ on the beach and we explain what our Street Food World Market entails. Then we come to Expedition Indigo: the option for anyone who likes a bit of competition, team building and adventure. We also explain what Powerkiting is, the heart and soul we put into theme parties and how much fun Disco Bingo is. Furthermore you will find information about organising a volleyball tournament for your team, what workshops we have in store for you and we will not forget the hilarious Bubble Football and precise Archery Tag.

1. BBQ on the beach

Ahh... food! It has to be said, a better BBQ You won't find a better meal on the beach than the one at Indigo. We have different options for every dietary preference (meat, veg, vegan, pescetarian) and you can choose between table barbecues or having our chefs cook on gigantic barrels. Not only does it look great, it tastes great too. Indigo also has its own smoker, which our chefs use to give the best meat and fish a delicious smoky flavour. Add Chips, large salads and many more delicious side dishes and you have a meal fit for a king.

2. Street Food World Market

The Street Food World Market is another way in which Indigo distinguishes itself when it comes to company outings. If you have a slightly larger team, this is a super cool option. During the Street Food World Market, we set up various stands in festival style and it is as if you are walking through a food-truck festival. From Mexico to Italy, we've got it. We can imagine that mini festivals are a great need of many people (especially in these times), so let's do it!

3. Expedition Indigo

Need some action? Then this really belongs in our list of teambuilding activities. Oh yes, Expedition Indigo not only provides teambuilding, but also adventure. Making your own fire, knotting wooden slats and poles together, tug of war with a twist... Expedition Indigo does it all. It's really ideal for sporty teams that can also use a bit of a mental challenge. When you say teambuilding and FUN, you say Expedition Indigo.

4. Powerkiting

Powerkiting... sounds fun, but what is it? Well, you can compare it to kite flying, but it's modern. In powerkiting, you experience the power of the kite and let it pull you along. Not for the faint of heart. You don't need much training, because our guidance is top-notch and something tells us that there will be a few team members who have discovered their new favourite hobby. Adrenalin rush, GO!

5. Theme party

Every beach club in Scheveningen can throw a party, but a really super party that you will never forget? And is rightfully on our list for teambuilding activities? A theme party (yes, even for your own team) and we are just great at that. At a 90's party, gabbers will be chopping away on stages, you can buy Breezers and everything will be covered in glitter. At our Pineapple Party, everything, everything is made of pineapple, in the shape of pineapple, in the colour of pineapple, name it. We have Indiburn with the most beautiful costumes and craziest acts and much, much more. far more. Actually, we do not give parties, but they are mini-festival. Of course, we have many more themes in our range, but we also like to think along with you if you have thought up your own theme.

6. Disco Bingo

Bingo, but different. Otherwise, we wouldn't have included it in our list of teambuilding activities. No dull atmosphere and fading moments, you will dance with your cadaver, that's what you will do! During the Disco Bingo, the glittering host will give away a real show on stage, while you and your team tick off the songs on your sheet. By the way, there are VERY MANY prizes to be won and when we say that many a Disco Bingo in recent years has ended with people dancing on tables, we are not lying. We can't promise that we'll sit still either.

7. Volleyball tournament

It speaks for itself: we have big volleyball nets, we provide a professional referee and game instructions for those who don't know the rules (there are plenty of them, you'll be fine). How nice is it to work up a sweat on the beach and then have an ice-cold freshly tapped beer pressed into your hands? Well, exactly, very nice.

8. Workshops

Do you want to learn something? Go for a workshop. We offer various possibilities (an endless number, in fact). Of course, you can also choose some of the activities from our list of teambuilding activities in the form of a workshop, but even more fun: think of a cocktail workshop, a yoga or meditation workshop, but also make your own clothes or paint art. We do it all - together with you!

9. Bubble Football

If you want to be guaranteed a good laugh, go for Bubble Football. You know, one of those gigantic inflatable balls in which you sit and have to get your colleagues, who are also each in their own ball, out of the way until you reach the finish line.

10. Archery Tag

For all Robin-Hood-worshippers: opt for Archery Tag - a special Indigo form of archery. In terms of difficulty, you can also choose to do this after the first drinks have been served. Let's see how sharp you are then.

Well, as you can see, we have already compiled a list of teambuilding activities that will blow your mind. And all at the same beach club. Of course, we offer many more possibilities. You can find them in our brochure. We would love to help you put together a unique company outing and make it a day that you and your colleagues will never forget. That is what we are here for. Let's do this!

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