3 x different BBQs on the beach at Beachclub Indigo

A bit of sun, a bit of beach, a bit of lounging around with a drink in your hand (it rhymes, so it happens every day at Indigo, HAH!). And with that comes a dinner - preferably a BBQ on the beach. Well, we can arrange that - and you can even choose from different kinds of BBQs! Not only the composition of the dishes, but also the type of company you want to have your BBQ on the beach with. And how we make each BBQ dinner suitable for the type of guest or party we are hosting.

From carnivore to vegan, everyone can join in the BBQ at the beach - thanks to our wide range of dishes. We have hearty fresh North Sea fish with marinades, beautiful, tender meat (always with the Beter Leven quality mark!) and vegetarian dishes such as skewers, vegetable burgers and other surprises from our kitchen. One thing is certain: always fresh and prepared with love

BBQ and your birthday

If you celebrate your birthday at Indigo, you can do so in any way you like. From a cocktail party with a large BBQ on the beach with our chefs grilling the food for you, to cosy tables on our terrace (or in front of it) with table barbecues. From a modest get-together with a few friends or family to a larger gathering: we got you.

BBQ with your work

Indigo has the honour of regularly hosting the most diverse companies. Or rather, their teams. From small companies from villages around The Hague, to large fashion brands from Amsterdam or other regions of the country: one way or another, they always know where to find Indigo. And we love that! Due to the diversity of wishes, we have built up a lot of expertise over the years in terms of creating a suitable atmosphere. But they all have one thing in common: a BBQ on the beach is the most popular way to dine together! Curious? Mail info@beachclubindigo.nl for the possibilities - and especially download our brochure.

BBQ with your fellow students

Did someone in your student union just say 'bizarrrrr delicious burgers'? Then they were probably talking about us (we don't do false modesty). Top sandwiches, dips, salads, Chips, burgers, steaks... a BBQ on the beach is the way to start the evening (or to limit the damage of the afternoon, let's be honest). Also for students we have special offers and possibilities, so mail or call us to inquire about student prices.

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