Beachclub Indigo: the nicest restaurant Scheveningen beach

Forget the schnitzel with limp fries and a glass of lukewarm cola next to it. We go for the real deal: one menu card of a high standard - the whole beach season long. And besides that menu, we regularly make trips to other countries or change our restaurant Scheveningen beach into a true BBQ paradise. What are we talking about? About our fantastic cuisine. And that starts at the...

...every day is a surprise

Well... at Beachclub Indigo's Scheveningen beach restaurant, you never know what you're going to get one day. You might suddenly find yourself in an open-air cinema, or a square party, or our normal bar suddenly turns into a Bloody Mary Bar, or a jeu-de-boule court is suddenly laid out in front of you... it's all possible. Because you are at Indigo. This also applies to our kitchen. On hot days, our team can decide to have a barbecue in the sand on large barrels. Or, in no time at all, they can put together a complete Indian buffet with flavours that you won't be able to get enough of.

...more options than an 'ordinary BBQ'.

Do you know what's so great? Beachclub Indigo is not only the best restaurant Scheveningen beach by the menu itself. Apart from the regular dis, we offer different ways of BBQ. We have small table BBQ's where you can grill your own food (our chefs will take care of all the homemade sauces that will make your BBQ complete), but we also have larger BBQ's. You know, for when you have lots of friends or colleagues who all want to join in.

...our own smoker

We also have our own smoker. You don't want to know what your burger or fish tastes like when you cook it in there... Also possible: a BBQ buffet, a Street Food World Market...

...Indigo's colourful decor

Eating well in a nice restaurant is really an experience. And then, of course, the appearance of what we call the nicest restaurant in Scheveningen is very important. Our look is especially colourful, cosy and therefore attractive. We don't do stylists, from day one we have been looking for the cutest wooden chairs in all kinds of colours, we know how important candles and beautiful lighting are. Our outdoor bar looks like a wooden cabin with swinging windows and even the sink by the toilet is painted by a local artist. In every corner of Indigo you will find something with a story. One of the reasons why it is so cosy here.

...the best team

Yup. That's really true. And we know that every restaurant Scheveningen Beach probably says that about its own team, but we know it's true. We only employ people with a sunny personality who enjoy work and life. Our team is really one big group of friends - and you can feel that when you sit on our terrace. We are very proud of that, because we know very well that it is something special.

...our starred chefs

Every year, we have a permanent team that cooks the stars from the sky. The passion for good food is so great that our menu can even change in one season - because then it can still be better (according to chef Chris, for example). And we think it's important that everyone is happy with our menu, so we have plenty of veg and vegan options that are really not inferior to the meat variety. In fact, there are even true carnivores who can't get enough of our vegan burgers! And yes, you can taste the love that our kitchen puts into the food. And that radiates from our terrace, you'll see.

In short: are you coming to The Hague one day and are you curious about the best restaurant in Scheveningen? Come and visit Indigoyou will see that everything we say is true - and more.

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