Sustainability within Beachclub Indigo.

The wonderful environment of the beach seems self-evident, but it is not. In order to allow later generations to also enjoy our Scheveningen beach, we at Beachclub Indigo go further and further in our sustainability principles. 

sustainable entrepreneurship

Sustainability is synonymous with Beachclub Indigo. We are aware of the impact of our business activities on the environment and society, and we want to act in such a way that the natural environment is preserved and remains available for future generations. With our sustainability partner Green Key, we are continually integrating sustainability into our business processes, services and products.

To achieve this, we are implementing the following actions:

  • By automating our bar, water taps, plastic-free disposables, ecological cleaning products and hand dryers without a heat element, we are trying to reduce our consumption of plastic waste, water and electricity.
  • All our meat is wherever possible organic, but at least with a better life label.
  • We work with local suppliers.
  • All our wines are organic.
  • Starting in 2021, each staff member will be given a digital dashboard in which knowledge relating to CSR (corporate social responsibility) is explained and tested. This way, everyone in our organisation understands the necessity of our policy.

Our socials keep you up to date with our latest developments on sustainability and our Green Key adventure.

Beachclub Indigo Restaurant Scheveningen


Green Key is an international quality mark for businesses in the leisure and accommodation sector that deal with nature and the environment in a conscious manner. Green Key, like Blue Flag, is part of FEE International.

We at Beachclub Indigo are also proud ambassadors of Green Key in 2023 and will continue our commitment to a sustainable beach. So that our future generation can also enjoy our beautiful coastline.