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18 augustus.

Warehouse at the beach

Warehouse komt deze zomer weer terug naar iedereen zijn favoriete strandtent van Scheveningen, namelijk Beachclub Indigo! Onze vorige editie was helemaal uitverkocht. Zet je snel op aanwezig om op de hoogte te blijven van de kaartverkoop.

24 augustus.

Drake Night

Drake All Night Long uit de speakers! 🍾🥂
Drake drankjes ✨ Drake burgers ✨ Drake performances ✨ Drake deco ✨ Drake hairsalon ✨ Drake photobooth ✨ Drake Drake Drake en nog meer Drake ✨ We gaan 0-100 REAL QUICK!🚀

Our Famous Indigo Parties

We’re never going home again!

If we’re being honest, we must admit we have a magical talent for organizing parties. Ever since year one of our very existence, party lovers, night admirers and die-hard clubbers all come to our infamous Indigo parties. Because we know how to celebrate, in every way imaginable! Indigo’s music programs are impecable, from top-notch dj’s to live music nights with really good bands. Our most important value is that everyone feels welcome and brings good vibes. Expect lots of craziness, old and new hit songs, great dance music, fun and original decoration and themes and – let’s be honest, we all love it – a ‘guilty pleasure song’ from time to time. We all have an artist in mind right now, don’t we 😉
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Our Best Parties Ever: A List

Full Moon

You look up at the sky and see the stars and the full moon against the dark summer sky. A neon palm leaf moves in the wind, tenderly. Someone puts a bucket of cocktails in your hand. “Where did I leave my flip flops?” you might ask. But you don’t care. You are surrounded by dancing people, a sea of lights and the world around you slowly turns into a blur. It feels good… really good. Welcome to Indigo’s Full Moon Party.

Indiburn Festival

For one day, Indigo becomes a state. The burning sun, nightly adventures and a great Indigo party inspired by beautiful, colourful, authentic people who come out at night to celebrate life to the fullest. Welcome to IndiBurn; a melting pot of music, art and entertainment. Think performances, art installations, bring-your-own-food-bbq’s, music and adventure. IndiBurn is one giant journey of exploration filles with glorious creativity.

Indigo Live

The sea view, the sunset, a cold beer in your hand and spectacular live acts on stage. That’s Indigo Live, the best live music event you will find in Scheveningen. In the past we had the honour to host music acts like My Baby, Son Mieux, Splendid and Native Young. Check out our Facebook page to see who’s next!

Oh! So 90’s!

We obviously all remember those wonderful, nostalgic, classic hit songs from the 90s. At Indigo, the OH! SO 90’s! party is a yearly succes; from 90’s dance classics to hiphop to true oldskool Dutch rave music. Everything is possible, all styles are represented. Only one thing left to do: DANCE!

Openlucht strandbioscoop

As the sun has just set, we pull up a massive screen, hand out popcorn, ask you what kind of beer you would like to go along wit hit and tell you to sit back and relax. It is time for our Open Air Cinema. Enjoy!


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Attention! If you use navigation, press 'Zwarte Pad 65' instead of 'Strandweg 65'.

Beachclub Indigo is located on the Zwarte pad and is easily accessible by public transport, terminus of tram 1 and 9/bus 23.

Parking is possible on the parking lot (paid) at the Black Path. There are also plenty of parking garages in the area. Beachclub Indigo is located on the Zwarte Pad and is in the middle of both walkways to the beach.

Opening hours:

1 April to 1 October
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.


Beachclub Indigo
Strandweg 65
2586 JL Den Haag