Expedition Robinson, Scheveningen, Indigo... this is Expedition Indigo!

Expedition Robinson, Scheveningen, Indigo... well, that's just a little bit different than a Fri-mibo or 'casual Friday' at work. In the middle of nature, behind the dunes and close to the water, you can really relax and unwind. With the best food and the relaxation that you automatically feel because you can get a breath of fresh air in an environment where you and your colleagues normally do not meet. Not quite convinced yet?

From fantastic BBQ options to taking a dip in the sea and offering your team a real experience with space for rest, to a totally unique food market and Expedition Robinson Scheveningen, called Expeditie Indigo. Below you will find all the reasons why Beachclub Indigo is the perfect location for a spectacular corporate event.

Expedition Robinson Scheveningen: Expedition Indigo in a nutshell

No office building, no BYOB (bring your own booze) and certainly no need to clean up: when you are on the beach with your colleagues having a drink, doing activities (whether or not in teams) and spending a few hours in the middle of nature with your bare feet in the sand and the sun on your face, you get to know your colleagues in a completely different way. Need a bit of action? Oh yes, Expedition Indigo is not just about teambuilding, but also about adventure. Making your own fire, archery, you name it. A little less in the mood for competition, but still in for an activity during your company party on the beach? Come to SUPPINGTake a boat trip... there really is a solution for every wish to ensure that you have a spectacular company outing.

You can BBQ on the beach at Scheveningen

BBQs are already super-fun, let alone on the beach! The best cooks prepare the most delicious burgers, and there is even enough choice for pescetarians, vegetarians and vegans. Those images that you normally only see on Instagram (think: outdoors, campfire, cosiness) are now suddenly reality. Just what you need after an adventure that feels like Expedition Robinson, Scheveningen never made you so hungry

You can take a dip in the sea

On a desert island you will find Expedition Robinson, Scheveningen has Expedition Indigo. What does it all have in common? The sea!

Okay, it goes a little further than 'casual Friday', but if you bring your swimming trunks or swimming costumes, you can even take a dip in the sea - and with your colleagues! Indigo is also more than happy to provide you with a set of SUP boards with which you can brave the waves (whether or not in the form of a course). In short: outdoor activities, together with all your colleagues... awesome!

You offer your team an experience

Company parties are always very entertaining, no matter where you hold them. But when you choose Expedition Robinson, Scheveningen and Indigo, you know that your colleagues and teammates will have an experience that they will still be talking about a year later. Going out together and getting to know your colleagues better in an informal setting, while the barbecue is already on and cheerful music is playing from the speakers... it's like a day off (except that you continue to be paid, double the fun).

At Indigo, a company outing does not mean that you have to or can only party. There is always room for silence when speeches are being made and even when a serious, private meeting is taking place, we professionally ensure that the room is screened off. This way you can discuss all important matters without being disturbed. Need snacks and drinks on the table? No problem at all. Want a projector with sound for a presentation? That too is possible.

Nothing can go wrong

Did you know that we really do everything to make your day of survival a success? Expedition RobinsonDo you want to experience Scheveningen beach and teambuilding at its best? Whatever the circumstances, to succeed? We literally go through all kinds of weather to give you the best possible service. Once, we even moved our entire kitchen to another location in order to be able to serve the teambuilding at the company concerned. Indigo company party despite the storm. Despite the storm. Fortunately, these are exceptions, but if you want an example of how committed we are, this is probably a good one.

Mini-private food festival with your team!

Are you coming with a larger group? Then you can choose from one large barbecue, but also from different kitchens.

Have you ever tried our Street Food World Market? This is a BBQ on the beach that you will not see anywhere else in Scheveningen: our Indigo chefs prepare world dishes from every corner of the world on four different barrels. Fancy a Mexican? It can be arranged. Or rather a classic American burger? Let's do it. In short: you get a real festival vibe. Exactly what you and your team need this summer, especially after a day of Expedition Robinson, Scheveningen awaits you.

Leave it to us

Don't feel like thinking about it yourself, but just want to do something cool? That is possible too. Just give our event manager Laura-Lee a few keywords and she and the whole Indigo team will make sure the whole evening comes together.

As you can see, there are many options to choose from, if you want to discover Scheveningen a la Expeditie Robinson and spend a whole day on the beach. If you are curious and would like more information about a spectacular corporate event at Indigo, please let us know. You can email our event manager Laura-Lee at info@beachclubindigo.nland we will contact you as soon as possible.

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