The best team outing

you have ever planned!

Team building, a meeting or the yearly informal moment to get together with your team and catch up and relax: Indigo is the placet o be. We offer a large variety of unique beach activities which you can combine with a healthy lunch, drinks and bites or a barbecue. How about our Street Food World Market? Dining in festival style! Your co-workers will talk about it for weeks (or even months). Ask about the possibilities – no strings attached.


Do you want to combine the essential with the informal and nice stuff? Then it is a very good idea to plan this at the beach. We like to put together an all-in arrangement for you, so you can have a constructive, meaningful and relaxed day at the beach, together with your team. We have everything you need in order to give the perfect presentation or hold a business meeting: a beamer, flip-over, microphone. This all of course comes with the best coffee, tea and fruit, all day long. We take matters out of your hands, so your day will go exactly as you planned.

Food Market

So you want something really special? Something your co-workers will talk about for weeks? Then our – actually pretty famous by now – Street Food World Market is the way to go. Have lunch or dinner in festival style with four different food stands, each representing a different country. Our chefs prepare all kinds of worldly dishes on barbecue barrels. A unique experience for all your senses!

Beach Activities

Do you want to do something fun before the party starts? We’d love to help you think about fun beach activities. How about power kitesurfing, bubble football or Expedition Indigo? A combination of all these activities also belongs tot he possibilities; how about beach volleyball with a wine/beer tasting or a cocktail workshop afterwards? Just ask us about the options, we’re glad to answer.


Beachclub Indigo loves music. A lot. During your team outing, we play nice and easy beachy tunes in the background while you and your colleagues enjoy a great lunch. Lovely. And if you wish to have some quiet moments for your speech or silence during your business meeting, we will of course turn off the music for as long as you need. Want to have a real party? We closely work together with professional dj’s who will get you dancing even if you are the worst dancer out there – that’s a promise. Together with them you can determine which music style fits your party best.


Nowadays, a party outside the office walls is becoming more and more popular – and with good reason. Now, where would be a better place to celebrate than at the beach, or, more specifically, at Indigo? The beach is the perfect place to relax. No computers, desks and traffic, just the sea, a neverending view and a tropical outdoor bar. At Indigo you can shake off the pressure of deadlines, the only think you need to worry about is what kind of drink you will order next.

Food & Drinks

A barbecue at the beach is the perfect way to dine together in an informal way, no matter how big your group or party is. We keep everyone’s wishes in mind: fresh fish, high-quality beef or funky veggie/vegan food. All our barbecues are well kept and decorated nicely, with a colourful, classy buffet. The Indigo kitchen is known for its classical dishes with a twist. We also provide you with the tastiest drinks: how about a Craft Beer Bar, a cocktail in a fresh coconut or a great glass of light, cold rosé? In addition you can order one of our platters, filled with delicious bites. This will be a day to never forget.


A team day helps you connect with your colleagues. Having fun and catching up are important for maintaining a healthy team spirit. To help you do that, we offer you an exclusive part of Indigo, so you can have a part of Indigo all to yourselves – no other guests allowed. Our side terrace has a wooden outdoor bar and is perfect for drinks, a bbq or a party. Would you like optimal privacy? We provide you with the option to exlusively hire all of Indigo on your special day.

Indigo vibes

Beachclub Indigo stands for: feeling welcome, happiness, creativity, enthusiasm, warmth and a personal approach. With love, care and attention, we organize your perfect company or team outing. You will feel this in everything: the decoration, the atsmophere, the feeling and even our food & drinks. Everything is perfectly tuned to your wishes, and made to measure by our energetic, happy, joyful, professional Indigo team, that somehow always finds the perfect solution to everything. With an honest smile!


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Phone +(31) 624 96 24 42

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Laura-Lee Savoia +(31) 6 18 70 88 36

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Dunja Kloos +(31) 6 38 38 63 53

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Attention! If you use navigation, press 'Zwarte Pad 65' instead of 'Strandweg 65'.

Beachclub Indigo is located on the Zwarte pad and is easily accessible by public transport, terminus of tram 1 and 9/bus 23.

Parking is possible on the parking lot (paid) at the Black Path. There are also plenty of parking garages in the area. Beachclub Indigo is located on the Zwarte Pad and is in the middle of both walkways to the beach.

Opening hours:

1 April to 1 October
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.


Beachclub Indigo
Strandweg 65
2586 JL Den Haag