A special wedding

Just a little different

How nice of you to think of Beachclub Indigo for your wedding! It is a great honour for us to welcome you to our beach pavilion for this special day. You are getting married at Indigo because you love the real beach feeling. We want you and your guests to feel like you are abroad, the ultimate holiday feeling! We will make your dream come true, so be surprised by our unique Indigo vibe!

Wedding with a golden edge

Indigo dares to be different. With our natural look and casual feel, you find yourself in a happy place where everyone can be themselves. Wine and dine with sand between your feet or enjoy an afternoon at our fire place when the weather isn’t that great.

Special theme

If you get married on the beach, you and your guests can go all out with accessories. Hats, sunglasses, fans or trendy parasols, what a cool sight this is! We are happy to think along with you to work out your theme in detail. A beach wedding can also be extended with all kinds of extras. Think of; A beautiful lady dressed up as 'Alive Ice Cream', parading between you, a tough Oesterman, a Candy Girl or Cocktailbar. You can't think of it that crazy!

Eten in festivalstijl

And to stay with the choices: also for dinner is as much as possible. If you want a more formal setting, you can opt for a 3-course dinner at long, beautifully set tables. If you prefer a looser, more festival style, you can go for a cosy barbecue or for our unique Street Food World Market. This food market consists of themed stalls, each representing a country or continent. Beachclub Indigo takes you on a trip, world food on the beach!

The party!

And what makes your wedding day complete? I see. Music brings back memories, and that's exactly what you want at your party. That song on the first kiss. The song of your best vacation, your high school days... Our professional DJ's are right up your alley. Behind the scenes at Indigo there is a professional musical team ready to fulfill your music wishes for your occasion.

Your most beautiful day

What you've been dreaming about all your life


Trouwen is een heel bijzondere gebeurtenis. Jullie willen een goed en vertrouwd gevoel krijgen bij het organiseren hiervan. En terecht. Ik, Laura-Lee, ben tijdens het gehele traject jullie vaste contactpersoon. Hebben jullie leuke ideeën of vragen waar je direct antwoord op wilt hebben, jullie mogen mij te allen tijde bellen of mailen. Ik help jullie graag jullie persoonlijke wensen te verwezenlijken. Het moet de mooiste dag uit jullie leven worden, toch?

Official wedding venue

Beachclub Indigo is an official wedding location! You don't have to arrange anything yourself, the whole day can be organized with us. With over ten years of experience in organizing and taking care of weddings, we make it, together with you, a day to remember.

Holiday Atmosphere

Always wanted to get married in a sunny foreign country? Indigo distinguishes itself by its colourful, summery appearance and gives you the feeling of being on a tropical island. The lantern-lit little square, hammocks, fire poles, the wooden outdoor bar and the attractive terrace. The ultimate beach experience!


Would you like to use part of Indigo for your wedding party or rent our entire beach pavilion exclusively? You can do both. Ask us about the possibilities and prices. Our beautiful side terrace with sea view and wooden outdoor bar is perfect for large groups. This terrace can be completely covered with our luxurious, custom made flextent.


met Beachclub Indigo


Phone +(31) 624 96 24 42

Parties & big reservations:
Laura-Lee Savoia +(31) 6 18 70 88 36

Job applications:
Dunja Kloos +(31) 6 38 38 63 53

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Attention! If you use navigation, press 'Zwarte Pad 65' instead of 'Strandweg 65'.

Beachclub Indigo is located on the Zwarte pad and is easily accessible by public transport, terminus of tram 1 and 9/bus 23.

Parking is possible on the parking lot (paid) at the Black Path. There are also plenty of parking garages in the area. Beachclub Indigo is located on the Zwarte Pad and is in the middle of both walkways to the beach.

Opening hours:

1 April to 1 October
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.


Beachclub Indigo
Strandweg 65
2586 JL Den Haag

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