A special day

With your best friends

The day is getting closer and closer… your best friend, sports buddy or colleague is getting married. But before the big day arrives, you want to have one last exclusive day with the bride or groom’s best friends. Well, we have news for you: you came to the right address. We offer a wide range of activities fort he whole group. After your sporty or funny (or both) activity, you will have a great dinner, drinks en hey, maybe there will even bes ome dance moves. What else do you need?


Closing the day off with a barbecue at the beach, watching the sun set in the sea… pretty picture perfect, right? Especially for groups with less than 20 people, we offer the Grill-It-Yourself-BBQ. This means our chefs prepare all the good food, sauces and snacks for you – the only thing you have to do is grill it all yourself. How cool is that? Of course there is also the option of a walking dinner, platters with great snacks or a classic diner-a-la-carte. Let us know what your preferences are and we’ll make sure the day is going to be perfect.

Beach Activities

Do you want to do something fun before the party starts? We’d love to help you think about fun beach activities. How about power kitesurfing, bubble football or Expedition Indigo? A combination of all these activities also belongs tot he possibilities; how about beach volleyball with a wine/beer tasting or a cocktail workshop afterwards? Just ask us about the options, we’re glad to answer.


With grilled meat belongs a cold drink, we know this. How about starting your bbq with a cocktail made in a fresh coconut or a glass of our finest sparkling prosecco? Depending on what kind of company you are, we will advise you on options like an open bar, after pay or a combination of both. We can promise you one thing: at Indigo, we serve the coldest beers and the best wines.


Feel like dancing after dinner? Beachclub Indigo loves music. Lots of it. Nice beachy tunes, happy disco, good old hit songs, great dance music… name it, and we’re in. We work closely with professional dj’s who will get you dancing even if you are the worst dancer out there – that’s a promise. Together with them you can determine which music style fits your bachelor party best.

Indigo vibes

Beachclub Indigo stands for: feeling welcome, happiness, creativity, enthusiasm, warmth and a personal approach. With love, care and attention, we organize your perfect company or team outing. You will feel this in everything: the decoration, the atsmophere, the feeling and even our food & drinks. Everything is perfectly tuned to your wishes, and made to measure by our energetic, happy, joyful, professional Indigo team, that somehow always finds the perfect solution to everything. With an honest smile!


met Beachclub Indigo


Phone +(31) 624 96 24 42

Parties & big reservations:
Laura-Lee Savoia +(31) 6 18 70 88 36

Job applications:
Dunja Kloos +(31) 6 38 38 63 53

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Attention! If you use navigation, press 'Zwarte Pad 65' instead of 'Strandweg 65'.

Beachclub Indigo is located on the Zwarte pad and is easily accessible by public transport, terminus of tram 1 and 9/bus 23.

Parking is possible on the parking lot (paid) at the Black Path. There are also plenty of parking garages in the area. Beachclub Indigo is located on the Zwarte Pad and is in the middle of both walkways to the beach.

Opening hours:

1 April to 1 October
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.


Beachclub Indigo
Strandweg 65
2586 JL Den Haag