Coffee subscription

Coffee subscription

From this year, you can drink unlimited coffee and tea at Indigo for only €10 per month. And really all kinds, so also an oat cappuccino or fresh mint tea.

This is the best deal of your life! Subscribe now - we will make a special pass with your photo on it. As soon as it's ready, we'll notify you and you can get bakkies all season long. All you have to do is wave your card at us. Our baristas can't wait to show you their coffee skills!

10.00 / month

Coffee subscription conditions
The subscription takes effect from every 1e of the month. You can choose whether this is for the next or current month.
Choose the 1e of the current month then you pay the full amount of € 10 for this month. Coffee and tea can only be ordered for yourself and not for others. If you pass your drink on to someone else, the subscription will be excluded without refund.

Indigo is not always open, with bad weather or on a weekday with a moderate forecast we may be closed. If you want to make sure, please call 0624962442. The subscription runs for a whole season, i.e. until 1 October 2023. It is not possible to terminate the subscription before the end of the season. The price is €10 per month including VAT.All types of coffee and tea are included in your subscription, so this includes but is not limited to cappuccino, latte, oat milk instead of regular milk, mint tea, fresh ginger tea, etc. Coffee with spirits (alcohol) in it is NOT included in the subscription.

You can place your order via the wait staff or at the bar, you cannot order via QR code. You must have your membership card with you and show it to our staff when ordering. Payment is via monthly direct debit or one-off payment of the full amount.

The subscription expires automatically on 1 October 2023. For next season, you will be asked by e-mail if you want another subscription.