Indigo’s Fusion Kitchen

the love for food

Indigo loves traveling and learning about cultures. This is the main reason we’re so fond of fusion dishes. We combine different flavours, cooking styles and culinary traditions from different countries and translate them to a perfect recipe. The outcome: a dish you have never tasted before, but oh boy, does it taste good. We also deeply value the traditional kitchen, so our menu contains the perfect combination of dishes for everyone to enjoy. All our recipes are made and developed by our chef who is always up-to-date with the latest food trends.


Indigo’s kitchen is created through our passion for food. To us, this is the most important aspect of the Indigo experience: a place at the beach where you can have high-quality meals that are healthy at the same time, seems hard to find. Our kitchen provides the perfect combination between these two by creating honest, healthy food with an Indigo-twist. To us, cooking equals joy – and that is something you’ll taste right away.


Indigo aims to continuously move forward with the developments concerning sustainability. We do this by working closely with local businesses and suppliers. Take our fish for example; we choose to mainly work with fish from the North Sea – which is also one of the cleanest seas in the world. When we organise one of our beach barbecues, we ask our fish supplier for the catch of the day. Our kitchen also maintains a strict ZERO WASTE POLICY. Besides our kitchen, we do our best to make sustainability a central part of Indigo. We invest and aim for improvement every year to contribute to a cleaner sea and a better world for future generations.

Kitchen Team

When we talk about our kitchen staff, we have to say they all have one thing in common: to always look for inspiration and develop new recipes for you to enjoy a uniquely different menu every single year. Our chef Chris and his team are cooking top-notch quality dishes, day in day out, with a great eye (and taste) for detail and refinement. Think fresh products, organic food and the most loving attention you will find out there.

A selection from our menu

Hungry yet?

Beautiful breakfast

You wake up and the sun shines through your window, you get your stuff and drive tot he beach. At Indigo, you will find amazing breakfasts and the absolute best coffee so you can wake up slowly and relaxed. What’s your choice today: our Crushed Avocado with poached eggs, a healthy Super Bowl, our delicious Pancakes or a classic Grilled Cheese Hangover Sandwich (tasty meat optional)? Option, so… many… options…

Luscious lunch

You’re getting hungry again, so a light but luscious lunch is needed. What is it going to be? A tasty salad with fresh Burrata, our Kings Toast with Pulled Chicken and poached eggs, or do you prefer our Pie Pancakes? Whatever you do, there’s always time for wine first 😉.

Snack time!

Okay, the wine is superb, but you feel like having a snack. Time for the Indigo Platter: a wooden plate with a variety of snacks… hmmm, looking gooood! Or do you actually just feel like cheesesticks? Whatever your needs are, we got you.


Time to find a table at our terrace. Let’s choose a good bottle of wine or a special craft beer. With a starter to go, of course. Maybe the Grilled Octopus with chipotle aïoli, those mouth watering Softshell Tacos or the Crunchy Avocado? You know what, let’s get everything from the menu, who cares!

Dinner at the beach

Ah, sunset… what a beautiful time of day. What will we have for dinner? Flank Steak, Puffed Topinamboer, a Codfish Taco or the Indigo Burger? Ahh… the choices are endless.


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Attention! If you use navigation, press 'Zwarte Pad 65' instead of 'Strandweg 65'.

Beachclub Indigo is located on the Zwarte pad and is easily accessible by public transport, terminus of tram 1 and 9/bus 23.

Parking is possible on the parking lot (paid) at the Black Path. There are also plenty of parking garages in the area. Beachclub Indigo is located on the Zwarte Pad and is in the middle of both walkways to the beach.

Opening hours:

1 April to 1 October
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.


Beachclub Indigo
Strandweg 65
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