Beach pavilion Scheveningen: Indigo as best kept secret

If there is one beach pavilion in Scheveningen that does not resemble any other, it is Indigo. And before you think: yeah, all those beach pavilions say that about themselves: hear us out. Just like every beach pavilion has its own identity - and especially on the beach. Black Trench - Indigo does too, very much so. We have been here for eight years now and in all those years a lot has happened, changed and improved. One thing has always remained the same: our atmosphere. From day one Indigo felt like a 'home away from home', but even better. A day of holiday (at least, if you don't spend the night in the dunes after an intense night of partying and you suddenly find yourself in a weekend?), a few hours away from everything. We are proud of this, but to be honest: without our guests we would not be able to do this.

To get the best out of Indigo every season, to improve everything and to give every guest the best experience possible - whether you're coming for an afternoon of sunbathing or for a corporate event with your whole team - we do a lot behind the scenes. Call it... our secrets. Here are seven of them, just a hint. We explain why we have no rules, we tell you that every day is different, we organise theme parties, we have a fusion kitchen with top chefs and we deal with sustainability issues.

Not rules, but letting moments happen

As owner of a beach pavilion in Scheveningen, you can do two things: make up rules or let moments arise. We go for the second. With common sense and based on the fact that our guests have the same, we find it important that everyone feels free at Indigo. Whether you're dancing on the bar in your net panties, or munching on a chicken satay in your three-piece suit, everyone is welcome. We don't have any hard rules, but we find it important that everyone feels free to have conversations, take parties to the next level or take the initiative to play cool games on our terrace (Twister, anyone?). And it's hard to believe, but it really happens. Every summer new friendships are made, giant Jenga or other games are played, parties end with the audience singing along to the last song... and we don't plan anything in advance. That's just the Indigo magic.

Every day is different

To create this free atmosphere, you must of course set an example yourself. Only then will your guests know that this space is really there. That is why every day at Indigo can be different. We might suddenly decide to hold a complete Indo-street food barbecue, our Ice-cream Girl walks across the terrace to provide everyone with ice cream cones or there might be a milkshake contest. Or what about a spontaneous square party with a great DJ, live music by famous artists or a pop-up cocktail bar? It's all possible, with us. Be sure to join us.

Theme parties instead of just a DJ

Every beach pavilion in Scheveningen can throw a party, but a really super party you'll never forget? A theme party. And we are really good at that. During a 90's-Party, gabbers will be chopping away on stages, you can buy Breezers and everything will be covered in glitter. At our Pineapple Party, everything, everything is made of pineapple, in the shape of pineapple, in the colour of pineapple, name it. We have Indiburn with the most beautiful costumes and craziest acts and much, much more. In fact, we don't do parties, we do mini-festivals.

Fusion cuisine, top quality food

We can be brief about this: our kitchen is simply top-notch. This is due to our chefs, who not only have years of experience, but also possess unbelievable creativity. Without them, Indigo would never have become so fantastic.

Sustainability first

Since last year we have been working very hard with Indigo Preserve - We will do this in the winter starting this year. Last summer we got GOLD from the Green Key AwardsThis winter, our main building is allowed to stay and we are going to take it upon ourselves to make that GOLD just PLATINUM (and if it doesn't exist, we will pretend it does). We love nature, so we'll do our bit for a better world. That is the least we can do as beach pavilion Scheveningen. 

Well, these are five secrets of this beach pavilion in Scheveningen. Of course, we do a lot more behind the scenes to keep Indigo the top restaurant it is. For example, last summer we found solutions in no time for the obstacles that the Covid19 measures brought with them and we even plan events, afternoons and other festivities in the winter. Who would have thought that a beach pavilion at Scheveningen would entail so much?

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