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Drinks and snacks at student prices

Students have a special place in our Indigo heart. We would like to give you a warm welcome. Do you just want to get away with your year club or do you want more luxury because you are on your way to a gala; we offer beautiful options for every student occasion and wallet. Wherever you go, go Indigo!

Food & Drinks

Especially for students, we offer a number of packages with food & drinks for a fixed price per person. You can choose from a delicious Student Beach BBQ, dinner with a Sit Down Menu or just a main course. All this in combination with an unlimited drinks package. This is very convenient, because this way you know in advance exactly where you stand financially.

Create your event with Laura

There Ain't No Student Party Like A' . In a few simple steps you compose your student party with me. Naturally, I will contact you personally after receiving your information. 

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Step 1 of 4

Photos of student parties on the beach at Indigo

Photos of student parties on the beach at Indigo

Indigo Atmosphere

Beachclub Indigo is located at the hippest part of Scheveningen's beach: the Zwarte Pad. Apart from the fact that it can be wonderfully quiet here, because there are not many tourists, we also know how to build a good party here in the evening. What is unmistakably Indigo, both during the day as in the evening, is the relaxed, festival-like, hippy atmosphere. Just come and experience it and you will never want to go home again.

Let Laura help you with your student party

Beach activities

If you would like to do something fun together before your barbecue, then we would be happy to think along with you about a fun beach activity. What about power kiting, bubble footbal or Expedition Indigo? A combination of activities is also possible; for example beach volleyball and afterwards a cocktail workshop. Feel free to ask Laura about the possibilities.


Beachclub Indigo loves music. Lots of it. Nice beach records, cosy disco, old hits, good dance and sometimes a guilty pleasure. Delicious. We work closely with professional DJs who are guaranteed to get things started. You can choose your own style of music for your party with them.

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