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How nice that you are thinking about Beachclub Indigo for your wedding! We would like to welcome you in our beach pavilion for this special day. You can get married at Indigo because you love the real beach feeling. We want you and your guests to feel as if you are abroad, the ultimate holiday feeling! We make your dream a reality, so let us surprise you with our unique Indigo atmosphere!

Marrying with a golden lining

Indigo dares to be different from the rest, with our natural look Here you can feel the relaxed, cheerful atmosphere. You can dine here with your feet in the sand. And if the weather is bad, you can also sit inside by our fireplace with cushions.

Create your event with Laura

Only love and happiness on your wedding day. In a few simple steps, you can put together your dream wedding with me. I will contact you personally after receiving your wedding information.

Step 1 of 4

Step 1 of 4

Special theme

If you get married on the beach, you can go all out with accessories. Hats, sunglasses, fans or trendy parasols, what a cool sight this is! We are happy to work with you to work out your theme in detail. A beach wedding can also be extended with all kinds of extras. Think of: a beautiful lady dressed as a 'living ice cream' parading between you, a tough Oyster Man, a Candy Girl or Cocktail Bar. You can't think of anything else!

Eating in festival style

And to stay with the choices for a while: there are so many options for dinner as well. If you prefer a more formal setting, you can opt for a 3-course dinner at long, beautifully laid tables. If you prefer something more casual, more festival-style, then go for a cosy barbecue or for our unique Street Food World Market. This food market consists of market stalls that are fully dressed in themes, each representing a country or continent. Beachclub Indigo takes you on a trip, worldly food on the beach!

The party!

And what makes your wedding day complete? That's right. Music. Music evokes memories and that is exactly what you want at your party. That song during the first kiss, the song of your most beautiful holiday, your high school days... Our DJs will fully comply with your wishes. Behind the scenes at Indigo, there is a professional musical team ready to fulfil your music wishes for your occasion.

Photos of weddings on the beach at Indigo

Photos of weddings on the beach at Indigo


Getting married is a very special event. You want to have a good and trusted feeling when organising it. And rightly so. I, Laura-Lee, will be your contact person throughout the entire process. If you have any ideas or questions that you would like to have answered immediately, you can call or email me at any time. I would love to help you realise your personal wishes. It has to be the best day of your life, right?

Let Laura help you with your dream day

Official wedding venue

Beachclub Indigo is an official wedding location! You do not have to arrange anything yourself, the entire day can be organised at our location. With over ten years of experience in organising and looking after weddings, we will make your day one you will never forget.

Holiday atmosphere

Always wanted to get married in a sunny foreign country? Indigo distinguishes itself through its colourful, summery appearance and gives you the feeling of being on a tropical island. The little square lit by lanterns, the hammocks, the fire pits, the wooden outdoor bar and the attractive terrace. The ultimate beach experience!


Would you like to use part of Indigo for your wedding party or hire our entire beach pavilion exclusively? Both are possible. Ask us about the possibilities and prices. Our beautiful side terrace with sea views and wooden outdoor bar is perfect for large groups. This terrace can be completely covered with our luxurious, custom-made flex tent.

Or have Laura send a reminder at another time...

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