Welcome to the Zwarte Pad: beach pavilions, parties and the most beautiful summer days

Ah... the Zwarte Pad, beach huts, the pier... yes, that is our beautiful Scheveningen - also known colloquially as Askew called. For eight months of the year, you can find rows of beach bars on the promenade and even further. We are very proud of our tourist attraction, but the locals in particular are not always in the mood for noise. Some people want to experience Scheveningen at its best - even during a heat wave. And yes, then you quickly end up at our best kept secret...

On sale at the Zwarte Pad: beach cafes, parties, lounge sofas, top kitchens, cosiness from Monday to Sunday. All summer long. And because Scheveningers have a good party can appreciate, you will find them in abundance. Also at Indigo - sometimes in the form of spontaneous square parties on our terrace. Then owners Tom and Michel say: 'It's lovely weather, we need to dance' and all the tables and chairs are moved to make room for spontaneous conviviality.

In terms of music styles, there is a wide range to be found on the Zwarte Pad. Beach pavilions have speakers on their terraces from which all kinds of genres can be heard. House, techno, folk, lounge, you name it. At Indigo, we mainly play music that you would like to hear when you are lying on a sunny, tropical island and someone is waving you cool with palm leaves... you get the idea.

Ah... and then our favourite topic of the Zwarte Pad: beach tents filled with people of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are wearing a polo shirt and a bottle of champagne ordersWhether you prefer to sit on your slippers with a glass of Bacardi Lemon: Everyone is welcome - and you can feel it. There is really no other place than the Zwarte Pad where the atmosphere is so good. One of the reasons why we are so proud and happy that Beachclub Indigo has been around for ten years and opens its doors to whoever wants to come and enjoy it.

So yes, always been curious as to why Scheveningen is so booming is in the summer? And where is that one nice beach pavilion that everyone is always talking about? Come to Zwarte Pad one day: you will find beach bars like Indigo there. Oh and... if you happen to walk by a beach club with coloured lanterns, endless candles and lots of happy faces, just pull up a chair. We will welcome you with open arms.

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