This is how Indigo mixes your coronaproof corporate party Scheveningen

The measures The coronavirus has got hold of us all, especially now that we can only organise a coronaproof company party Scheveningen. But hey, we do not sit still. In fact, we have a checklist for beginners who want to have a safe team outing. Below we will tell you how to follow the guidelines, how to create a cosy atmosphere despite the distance and give you options for different breakfast/lunch/dinner options. We will explain how to take into account food preferences and allergies, tell you how we deal with the fickle weather of Scheveningen and how to make a little action in the taxi is coming. And, if you have read everything and think 'phew, if only someone else could do this for me', we have a solution for even that. GO!

Follow the guidelines of RIVM, we will help you with this

We would love to open our doors again like we did in previous years, but unfortunately that is not easy. Fortunately, even in a time of corona, Beachclub Indigo knows how to have a party together. And, are you by any chance looking for a beach club where you can give a corona proof company party Scheveningen in this time? It is possible with us. We do everything we can to respect the one-half metre distance rule, so that everyone can party safely. Of course, this includes snacks and drinks, music and the typical Indigo cosiness that you can always find with us.

Sufficient distance and yet Federations?

As human beings, we often think of cosiness as being in a friendly atmosphere with each other. And preferably not one and a half metres away. But that's just not possible in this day and age, because safety comes first and a coronaproof company party in Scheveningen is essential. That is why we have adapted our special teambuilding activities in such a way that keeping a safe distance is no problem. We have also made our terrace and living room extra cosy (think lanterns, beautiful flower bouquets and lights) so that the atmosphere is always tangible - even if you are standing alone in the middle of the room. Really, just come in. You will immediately feel at home.

Provide action and team building

Need some action? Oh yes, Expedition Indigo provides not only team building, but also adventure. Making your own fire, archery, you name it. A little less need for competition, but still in for an activity during your company party on the beach? Come SUPPINGTake a boat trip... there really is a solution for every wish. As you can read, there is a lot to take into account, and even more options to choose from. If you are curious and would like more information about a company party in Scheveningen at Indigo, please let us know. You can email our event manager Laura-Lee at info@beachclubindigo.nland we will contact you as soon as possible.

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